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 Hi! Welcome from the staff and congregation
of First Assembly of God
in Mountain Home, Arkansas 

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Pastor Mike & Cathy Howell

Mountain Home is nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in north central Arkansas. The city is a growing commercial and health care center for the region but it still retains a wonderful small town atmosphere. The scenic beauty of the mountains, two lakes, and a great trout fishing river give the Mountain Home area a special quality that many of us have fallen in love with. First Assembly is a vibrant, growing fellowship committed to taking the message of Christ's love to our generation. You will find that our people are warm and friendly and that the worship services are a lively mix of contemporary worship and solid ministry of the Word. Unabashedly Pentecostal, the worship services are built around the joy of the Lord and a deep sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit. From the nursery to the Young At Heart, every ministry of the church is designed to reach, teach, and serve in His love. Please consider this greeting an invitation to visit First Assembly.

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First Assembly Missions Wall Map

Supporting Missions around the nation and the world.


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                                               Sunday Worship


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 First Assembly of God Choir under the direction of Kristie McCain.



Did you know that all of the scenery pictures on our web site are shot in the beautiful Ozark mountains?  We invite you to come and visit this lovely area and while you are here, we would love to make you welcome at First Assembly in Mountain Home.

On the horizon...

Singles to go to Branson to
see Jonah, April 19th

Ilustrated sermon, April 20th
Easter Sunday
"The People at the Cross"
A potluck dinner after the
Easter Egg Hunt for the kids.

NOTE: For additional information on these events please click on the 'Upcoming Events' page of the website to be taken to our calendar page where you can get additional details and driving directions.

Today's Word

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you” (1Th_5:18).
Perhaps you may be thinking, “In everything gives thanks? Are you crazy!? Some things are just too awful; how can I give thanks for everything?”
Wait just a minute before you blow your gasket — he did not say give thanks FOR everything…but IN everything. There is a difference.
Shall we thank God in the good and happy times only, and then question Him, or worse yet — curse Him — when bad and awful times befall us? Of course not! The Bible says IN everything give thanks — for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. In other words, God wants us to trust Him even when things look completely hopeless. Indeed, to trust Him so much that even then we give thanks.
Thanksgiving is the highest expression that exists, for it acknowledges the hand of God at work in everything — even in the midst of things that are awful.
Faith looks past the obvious and see the actual; it goes beyond what is seen, and sees Him who is invisible working all things after the counsel of His will. Our difficulty comes from the fact that we tend to judge things from our limited perspective. God wants to lift our vision to a higher and broader place, where we may see things as He sees them.
Once this happens — everything changes. We no longer gripe and complain, but rather give thanks. Our hearts are unencumbered with the cares of this world, our minds are free from anxiety and stress, and our conversation is filled with life and healing.
James Ryle